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  1. On researching an encyclopaedia biography for Lord Methuen, I discovered a number of errors and discrepancies. For a start, Methuen is listed in your online collection database as “RWA 1940″ and in some historical surveys of your institution as “Lord Methuen of Corsham in Wiltshire was President of the RWA from 1940 to 1967″ (quote from: This is in contrast to the plaques on two of his busts where he is reported as “President 1939 – 1971″ (BRSRW.0597 and BRSRW.1791). Your pdf “International Modernism” even mentions his presidency with different dates in the introduction and in the text! Get your act together, please!
    As an aside: the portrait busts by David Backhouse of “Lord Methuen” (BRSRW.1781) and “The Lord Bath” (BRSRW.1782) have their images mixed up…

  2. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to flag up the inconsistencies in our records. We’re always extremely grateful for information to enhance our knowledge about our Academicians and collections, as we just don’t have the capacity in our small team to undertake research. Now that you’ve let us know, we’ll endeavour to correct these mistakes, but if you happen to know the definitive dates for Lord Methuen’s Presidency, we’d be immensely grateful as our records are (surprisingly but evidently) unclear. Many thanks again for your interest and assistance.

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